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general english

for adults

4 months
48 lessons
3 times a week
90 minutes


maximum number of students in a group


monthly course fee

level determination test

about the course.

The general English course will allow you to improve all English language skills according to the level: grammar, writing, reading, speaking, listening, vocabulary and correct intonation.


Lessons are conducted in a combined method with Georgian and foreign (native speaker) teachers in advance with the drawn up schedule. We use Oxford in the educational process and Macmillan has the latest edition of books and listening materials.


During the course, the trainee writes both midterm and final tests, according to which the corresponding certificate and report are issued. This helps the trainees to see the progress they are making in the process.


We offer all levels of general English  :

  • Beginner - from the beginning

  • Elementary - elementary

  • Pre-Intermediate - below average

  • Intermediate - average

  • Upper-Intermediate - higher than average

  • Advanced - high

  • Post-Advanced - Professional

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