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conversational english

for adults

5 months
10 lessons
2 times a week
90 minutes


maximum number of students in a group


monthly course fee

level determination test

about the course.

Conversation course - Levels English Language Academy English language training course conducted by an American and British trainer. The main goal of the program is to activate existing knowledge of the language, improve speaking and listening skills, use the language freely.


The course includes

  • Development of life skills 

  • career planning

  •  personal management

  • The Art of Effective Presentation 

  • To develop the skills of conducting debates effectively

  • writing techniques

  • to self-motivation 

  • time management, etc. 

To attend the course, there must be a minimum of students Intermediate. You can come to take the placement test or fill it out online. You will also be interviewed. To schedule an interview, please contact us in advance and fill out the application for registration. 

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