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age: 6-10

9 months
36 lessons
120 minutes


maximum number of students in a group


monthly course fee

level determination test

about the course.

Levels Language AcademyWe give you the best opportunity for your children to combined general and conversational English course for Georgians and foreigners (native speaker)with the teacher. The course helps children to start communication with correct intonation, learn writing, reading, grammar and be able to work independently.During the course, students will pass two levels of English.


A program created For children 6-10 years, it is fun, interactive and effective. The curriculum takes into account the latest edition of the Oxford textbook  "Family and Friends".as well as additional educational material: fun texts, interesting listening exercises, video demonstrations and games... therefore,  children are productive.


During registration, students are divided into groups according to their age. The final distribution according to levels will take place in the first-second lesson of the beginning of studies. The teacher will distribute the children according to the levels and specify the time of the meeting.


Lessons are held in the following format:

  • 60Minute General English

  • 60A minute of conversational English

A certificate is issued at the end of the course.

Fill out the application for registration.

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