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all age groups

5 week
15 lessons
3 times a week
120 minutes


maximum number of students in a group


full course fee

level determination test

about the course.

The International English Language Testing System The exam preparation course is designed for those who want to work or continue their studies abroad. Before starting the course, you will pass a test to determine the level of knowledge and an interview with the teacher, which will determine your level of knowledge. In order to successfully pass the exam, the student must have  at least English Upper-Intermediate level.

During the course, students will pass a simulated exam several times and will receive individual consultations from highly qualified teachers. ​

Study abroad
For those who wish to take an English language course abroad or continue their studies in higher education, Levels offers special discounts and administrative assistance.

You can come to write the placement test in Levels Academy or fill out online.

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