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painting - graphics

from age of 16

2 times a week
120 minutes


maximum number of students in a group


monthly course fee

about the course.



Ia Revazishvili

Students will have the opportunity to learn  all the components of the painting: composition, form, line, plasticity, spatial-volumetric thinking, perspective, tonal solution, manner of execution, etc. Oral constructive thinking, planar-spatial thinking,


In the process of teaching, students will acquire presentation skills, will develop the ability of critical evaluation and color thinking. They will master the basic basics of working in easel painting.

They will be able to: perform sketches, sketches and etudes with water  paints, graphic pencils and pastels. 

They will be able to perfect graphic and pictorial technical performance and work independently.

The painting course is led by artist-professors invited from the Art Academy, who have many years of experience in teaching painting. Also, there are well-known and successful artists. In the Academy of Arts, you will develop talent, creativity, imagination, learn various painting techniques at both professional and amateur levels. At the end of the academic year, an exhibition of students' works is held and certificates are issued.

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