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painting - graphics

age: 6-15

2 times a week
90 minutes


maximum number of students in a group


monthly course fee

about the course.

Students will have the opportunity to get to know all the components of painting: composition, form, line, plasticity, spatial-volumetric thinking, perspective, tonal solution, manner of execution, etc. In the process of teaching, students will acquire presentation skills, will develop the ability of critical evaluation and color thinking. They will be able to perfect graphic and pictorial technical performance and work independently. The painting course is led by artist-professors invited from the Art Academy, who have many years of experience in teaching painting. At the end of the academic year, an exhibition of students' works is held and certificates are issued.

A one-year drawing course curriculum


Semester I

  1. "Autumn still life", still life as a genre of fine art, history and academic technique, evaluation criteria. Gouache material.

  2. What is a landscape; History of the genre. Execution of the work according to the painting of the famous artist: Claude Monet

  3. Graphics, pencil. Still life with plaster geometric figures. Line, stroke, lighting and shadow, composition. Academic techniques, assessment criteria.

  4. Impressionism and post-impressionism - history. Discussion and redrawing of Vincent van Gogh's work.

  5. Still life with gouache. Paintings. Basic principles of painting in color, effectively portraying highlights in color.

  6. Creative process - free topic: children create their own picture independently. Finding references, sketching. (the teacher works the group in one specific topic)

  7. Graphics in pencil - still life with plaster geometric figures.

  8. New Year's still life - painting with oil paint on canvas

Semester 2

  1. Creative project - based on copying a painting by a famous artist, theme - "Winter"

  2. Graphics in pencil - still life

  3. Painting - drawing a still life taking into account the volume and light and shadows

  4. Creative project, free theme: children draw a copy of a famous artist they are interested in or work with their own imagination.

  5. Graphics - pencil or gouache in one color. Children draw a plaster plane head, the basics of a portrait.

  6. Metaphysical painting and surrealism, discussion. Children draw according to the paintings of René Magritte or Salvador Dali.

  7. Still life - theme: "Easter", or redrawing the Easter painting by Niko Firosman

  8. Creative project, sketching, finding references, working on an original work with oil on canvas. Preparing for the exhibition




Ia Revazishvili

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