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general english

age: 11-17

4 months
48 lessons
3 times a week
90 minutes


maximum number of students in a group


monthly course fee

level determination test

about the course.

This course gives you the best opportunity to equally and qualitatively improve all components of the English language level Accordingly: Grammar, Writing, Reading, Speaking, Listening, Vocabulary and Correctintonation pronunciation. During the course students will passTwo levels of English.Lessons are conducted using the combined method of Georgian and foreign (nativespeaker) according to a pre-arranged schedule with the teachers. in the learning processWe use the latest editions of Oxford and Macmillan books and audiobooksmaterials.During the course, the student writes both a midterm and a finalTesting, according to which the relevant certificate and report will be issued.Academy will finance the student with the best results for one weekEnglish summer course in Great Britain.Funding can be obtained by a student who attends the Levels AcademyWill study General English language course for 1 full academic year. will haveBest attendance and results in midterm-final exams. 

The winner will be selected from the overall ranking listAccording to the results.The evaluation is carried out with a 100-point system, whichIt is distributed as follows: final exam - 50 points; intermediateExam 30 points and attendance 20 points. The winner will be announcedCalculates the arithmetic average of the final grade of both levelsas a result.Ratings will be systematically published on a special board of the examAfter completion.

Terms of participation in the competition:

The winning student will be sponsored for 1 week of study in Great BritainGeneral English language course at an accredited training center.Financing includes Registration, English language training program (10-15 hours per week), extracurricular activities, with educational materialsprovision, accommodation, invitation to be submitted to the consulate letter.

Funding does not include: visa and air ticket costs.Level Academy is not responsible for visa procedures.

competition details.

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